Louisiana Capital Assistance Center


  A Non-Profit Law Office

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 636 Baronne Street
 New Orleans La 70113  USA
 Ph. +1 (504) 558 9867
 Fax. +1 (504) 558 0378







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The Louisiana Capital Assistance Center (LCAC) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization providing legal representation to poor people charged with capital crimes in Louisiana for over twenty years.

Committed to excellence in capital defense, the LCAC emphasizes client-centered representation, constantly seeks to develop new and innovative advocacy strategies, and pursues systematic litigation related to issues such as racism in the criminal justice system and lack of funding for adequate representation.

Our primary focus is trial-level representation but we also represent indigent capital defendants in appellate, post-conviction and habeas proceedings.

The LCAC also conducts trainings and provides consult services to local capital defenders statewide.
In each aspect of our work we strive to meet the LCAC’s four core values: achieving excellence; being client-centered; a spirit of service; and humility.

Based in New Orleans, the LCAC works throughout the state of Louisiana, as well as serving clients in Mississippi and Texas.


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